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Fielding Financial was founded by Secret Millionaire, Gill Fielding to educate the nation in managing and improving their financial position.

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Is it art?
Well I know I’m really a mathematician or at least I lean towards the science side of life – so I don’t really get art very much but really? I read this week that a housing estate in Liverpool has been shortlisted for the Turner Prize - and if you’re confused yes I mean the Turner ART prize... Continue Reading
The economy, the election and UK business
The economy, the election and UK business
Well as a small business owner I was watching the election news avidly with expectation of major pledges from all the political... Continue Reading
The election hiatus
The election hiatus
Well that was quite a surprising election result wasn’t it? and I must say ‘good on yer’ as I’d much rather the UK ... Continue Reading
Wow! Pensions volumes
Wow! Pensions volumes
Well the government got that wrong then didn’t they? I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the new pension advisers and moaned... Continue Reading