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Fielding Financial was founded by Secret Millionaire, Gill Fielding to educate the nation in managing and improving their financial position.

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Help to Rent
Well we’ve had Right to Buy and Help to Buy and now we have Help to Rent – and actually that might not be all bad! It would certainly increase the demand for rental properties which for us as investors is a good thing.This concept popped up over the weekend as part of the Liberal manifesto and... Continue Reading
The £1 million Inheritance Tax issue
The £1 million Inheritance Tax issue
I am watching with interest to see what proposals are coming out of the current round of political manifestos that are being... Continue Reading
Pensions Pay Day!
Pensions Pay Day!
Well here we are at last – the first few days of the change in Pensions rules and, supposedly from today those of us that are... Continue Reading
The pint of milk effect
The pint of milk effect
I have always said that we should buy properties within a 5 minute walk of a pint of milk and a newspaper as a general guide ... Continue Reading