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Fielding Financial was founded by Secret Millionaire, Gill Fielding to educate the nation in managing and improving their financial position.

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Savings shortfall…
Apparently, as a nation we now only save 5% of our earnings and that’s a disaster for our collective and individual, financial futures.Estimate say that we need to save about 12% - 15% of our lifetime earnings in order to pay for a lifetime’s retirement – and as a nation we’ve never been... Continue Reading
Social Housing: £30k to clear off!
Social Housing: £30k to clear off!
I worry a lot about social housing and the 2 million people currently sitting on some housing waiting list somewhere. I hope... Continue Reading
 £1 excuses……
£1 excuses……
I read in the paper yesterday that there’s a row of houses near Durham up for sale for £1 – that nobody wants to buy – ... Continue Reading
Interest rate prediction!
Interest rate prediction!
I know I should get out more but I am absolutely fascinated by the economy and by interest rate movements in particular. And... Continue Reading